About Me

I am the College Pastor at Grace Brethren Church in Simi Valley, California.  I’ve been a pastor there since 2009.  I was born in Portland, Oregon but moved to California to attend The Master’s College.  Once there I met my wife, Beka, and we’ve settled down in Simi Valley for as long as the Lord will have us here.  I’m very confident that I have nothing of myself to offer here.  My hope is that as God works in my heart and life, there will be a natural overflow of His goodness and grace that spills over into your life from mine, either through this blog or in person, which will serve as an encouragement to you as we seek to endure faithful to the end of this life.

College Ministry

I love college ministry.  Working with ‘adults’ often means having to completely change the way a person thinks or work through the consequences of unbiblical decisions they’ve made in the past that have resulted in their current situation.  Working with college students provides the opportunity to make the right decisions the first time around and avoid many of the unfortunate consequences.  This world is tough, but I’m excited to see God raise up the next generation of pastors, missionaries, and faithful servants from among us!


The biggest lesson the last decade has taught me is the need for absolute dependence on God (He’s the ONLY one who can change people) and the absolute necessity of discipleship.  We desperately need people in our life who are not only willing to fellowship with us as friends but also willing to walk the lonely road with us and confront the sin they see in our lives along the way.  I’m so thankful for those who have faithfully wounded me along the way and I desperately hope that I can be used just as well in the lives of others.

This commitment is at the core of how we do ministry…we build relationships and challenge each others sin with the truth of God’s Word.  We try to love people as Jesus loved them and sacrificially give of our time and resources to see others grow in the knowledge of God.  My prayer is that God would use my life and ministry to bring great glory to Him through the lives of the people who have been changed by His grace.  This universe was created and we exist ‘to the praise of His glorious grace’ (Eph. 1:6)

Blog Comments

I plan to read all the comments and may occasionally respond.  I’m not here looking for an arguement or a debate…if that’s what you’re comments are for then I’m not your guy.  My roles as husband and pastor keep me pretty busy and as much as I enjoy my time here it’s got to be limited.  So…if I don’t respond to your comment or question please don’t take it personally.  Also, if I do respond, well, please don’t take that personally either!



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