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Psalm 63:1

I’ve had a lot of conversations recently about direction in life. Where are we going? What are we pursuing? It seems that while most of us have carefully planned out our career aspirations, all too often, we’ve failed to create any spiritual goals for our lives. Our future plans involve financial success, social status, and retirement dreams but are frequently devoid of a spiritual children, leadership and maturity.

These talks have all headed in the same direction. Our plans reflect what is really important to us and if we’re Christians then we must plan accordingly. Our generation is massively undisciplined and amazingly lazy…too often this is reflected in our spiritual priorities as well. These conversations have often come back to the word of God and our diligence to read and study it.

It takes me a little more than two minutes to read a chapter in the Bible (on average). There are 1189 chapters in the Bible which means you’d have to read approximately 3.25 chapters per day to read the whole thing in a year. That’s less than 7 minutes per day! I can’t get past it – only 7!!! Even better, a typical television sitcom has a run time of 21-22 minutes. In the time it would take you to watch one television show (on TiVo, without commercials), you could read 10 chapters and finish the entire Bible three times each year!!

I’m not encouraging legalism. You can read dozens and dozens of chapters every day as you cross ‘Bible Reading’ off your daily to-do list, without it turning into anything profitable. It will be a waste of time if you’re not doing it for the right reasons. Our choices reflect our priorities and how we spend our time is a great indication of what we value. The question is one of desire…what does our heart truly long for?


About Marshall Walter

Marshall Walter is the College Pastor at Grace Brethren Church in Simi Valley. Married to Beka, the two of them enjoying living life and sharing in ministry together.


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