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Book Review: ‘Just Do Something’

There are a few men who are such good communicators that I will buy and read what they write regardless of the topic…Lewis, Piper, Hiebert, O’Brien, etc.  Kevin DeYoung (his blog can be found here) is solidifying his place on my list.  Of the seven books he’s written I’ve read three, own three more that are currently on my ‘to-read’ list, and I’m waiting for the seventh to be released.  Each book I’ve read has been excellent.

I don’t think it’s (necessarily) that DeYoung is saying new things that haven’t been written before but rather that his writing style, understanding of culture, and ability to hit on the main and very relevant issues make him well worth the investment of time and money.  Pick up one of his titles…you won’t be disappointed.

Last Friday afternoon I sat down and read his book, ‘Just Do Something‘ – it’s made my list of foundational books that everyone should read.  DeYoung writes this book to explain ‘a liberating approach to finding God’s Will’ and does an excellent job of explaining God’s Will for our lives.

DeYoung breaks down the three common ways that we view and talk about God’s will.

First, we refer to His ‘will of decree’ – this refers to what God has sovereignly caused to happen.  Everything that God decrees will ultimately come to pass.

Second, we refer to His ‘will of desire’ – referring to what God desires and has commanded from His people.  “If the ‘will of decree’ is how things are, the ‘will of desire’ is how things ought to be.”

Third, we usually hear people referring to God’s ‘will of direction’ as they seek to figure out “What is God’s will for my life?”.  The majority of the book is devoted to discussing why this is poor thinking on our part and why we really just need to focus on fulfilling God’s ‘will of desire’ as we ‘Just Do Something’.

DeYoung highlights five reasons why we tend to think this way.  They include: We want to please God, Some of us are timid, We want perfect fulfillment, We have too many choices, and We are cowards.  He makes some excellent points in these couple of chapters and highlights several errors in our thinking about God (treating Him like a magic 8-ball) and often times our wrong focus in life (being too concerned with things that don’t matter for eternity).

In the book a couple chapters are dedicated to how to walk in the will of God (seek first His kingdom) and debunking some common ‘tools’ for knowing God’s will.  Instead, DeYoung encourages a focus on walking in accordance with the Scriptures, following wise counsel, and spending time in prayer.

The last chapter or two focuses on an encouragement to ‘Just Do Something’ and begin making decisions and living life as God has given you the ability to.

I really couldn’t recommend a book any more highly.  While many wiser heads than mine may find much of this to be common sense and review, the younger generation should definitely invest the time in the book.  I believe he presents a very biblical and freeing argument for how to have confidence while making decisions that will be honoring to the Lord.

Look…I’m not saying it’s God’s will for you to read this book, but…


About Marshall Walter

Marshall Walter is the College Pastor at Grace Brethren Church in Simi Valley. Married to Beka, the two of them enjoying living life and sharing in ministry together.


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