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Developing Right Thinking (8/12)

It is so critical that we continue to develop right thinking amidst our sinful world.  I’m so thankful for the godly men and women who are diligently addressing the relevant cultural issues.  Each week I come across articles that I believe are worth sharing and I link to them here (usually on Fridays).  I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read and enjoy as you strive to continue to develop right thinking!

Violent Faith Glorifies God & Advances the Gospel – David Sitton (Desiring God) – A call to Biblical boldness in the midst of suffering – are we willing to risk all in faith?  “In the time it takes to read this blog post, another Christian will be killed because of his or her faith in Jesus Christ. 160,000 believers around the world will be slaughtered this year alone. . . simply because they love Jesus.”
Love for the Big and the Small – Kevin DeYoung (Gospel Coalition) – An excellent challenge to think sensitively about our interaction within the body of Christ…this time in relation to family.  “I want to talk about the size of our families. More importantly, I want to talk about loving as we want to be loved and giving each other the benefit of the doubt.”
INDIRECTION, as a Principle of Spiritual Growth – Will Varner (The Master’s College) – Dr. Will Varner was my college advisor and has put out a grip of valuable resources.  This is an excellent insight to our growth as Christians.  “We do not become humble by trying to become humble. Action on our own would only make us more proud of our humility. Only God can incline our hearts toward Him and produce in us humility or any of the other virtues. How then do we become so focused on Jesus as the one true Lord that we worship? We do it all indirectly.”
Evangelicals and the Gay Moral Revolution – Albert Mohler (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) – You will become smarter by reading and listening to this man…there’s also a good chance God will use the biblical truth he teaches to make you more holy.  “My hope is that evangelicals are ready now to take on this challenge in a new and more faithful way. We really have no choice, for we are talking about our own brothers and sisters, our own friends and neighbors, or maybe the young person in the next pew.  There is no escaping the fact that we are living in the midst of a moral revolution. And yet, it is not the world around us that is being tested, so much as the believing church. We are about to find out just how much we believe the Gospel we so eagerly preach.”
The Sun has Risen Today, Again – G.K. Chesterton (via Desiring God) – This will change the way you think of God and you will worship Him.  I’m not even going to give you a quote – it’s short, go read it.
How Big is the Universe – Tim Challies (Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church, Toronto) – Because it’s good to feel small once in awhile and remember how big God is…quite fighting Him and just start obeying Him.  “How big is the universe? It’s an impossible question for us to answer, of course, but that has not stopped many from making an attempt. I enjoy hearing about those attempts. Here is one that I came across the other day. It’s worth three-and-a-half minutes of your time”

About Marshall Walter

Marshall Walter is the College Pastor at Grace Brethren Church in Simi Valley. Married to Beka, the two of them enjoying living life and sharing in ministry together.


One thought on “Developing Right Thinking (8/12)

  1. I *love* that Chesterton quote. It nudges me awake every time I read it.

    Posted by Eric | August 25, 2011, 1:16 pm

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