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‘Take Up the Full Armor of God’

Ephesians 6:10-20 ‘On account of this, take up the full armor of God, in order that you may be able to resist in the evil day and have done everything, to stand.’ (v.13) Teaching through this passage tonight as our Shepherding Group wraps up Ephesians.  So often our cry as Christians and our struggle is … Continue reading

Developing Right Thinking…

It is so critical that we continue to develop right thinking amidst our sinful world.  I’m so thankful for the godly men and women who are diligently addressing the relevant cultural issues.  In the past couple of days I’ve encountered a few articles that I believe are worth sharing.  Excerpts from each article are posted … Continue reading

The God Who is Humble

To be proud is defined as, ‘having, proceeding from, or showing a high opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, or superiority.’  An inflated view of oneself or one’s abilities is the manifestation of pride.  When we fail to adequately understand our own abilities or importance, we manifest our improper belief that we are more than … Continue reading

Too Much Good Stuff (for the Tabernacle)

Stumbling my way through the Pentateuch I ran into Exodus 35 & 36.  In the preceding chapters, God has been giving the law to Moses and now the attention turns to the construction of the tabernacle.  There are a myriad of things that are fascinating about these chapters.  It had to be awe-inspiring for the … Continue reading

Book Review: ‘The Sovereignty of God’

With much trepidation I picked up A.W. Pink’s ‘The Sovereignty of God‘ about 10 days ago.  I was pretty worried that it would become one of those books I started and then took forever to finish because it was difficult to read and hard to get through.  I was incredibly wrong – this was a … Continue reading

The Design of Prayer

I picked up ‘The Sovereignty of God‘ by A.W. Pink this last week and will probably post a review of it shortly, but in the meantime I wanted to share a few great thoughts he had on the design of prayer – enjoy! “Why has God appointed that we should pray?  The vast majority of … Continue reading

Extra! Extra!

Often, in my times in my studying to preach, I end up with material that doesn’t make it into my sermon.  It doesn’t get cut because it’s bad (though sometimes it is), but usually because it doesn’t enhance the primary purpose or focus of the passage.  When it’s good I like to post it here…you … Continue reading

A Lesson from Job

Last week I posted a couple of thoughts from a sermon I’d heard preached on Job 9 – you can view that post here. However, as I’ve continued reading through Job I keep stumbling upon a couple of interwoven themes that I’ve desperately needed to heed.  I’ve never formally studied or taught through Job, but … Continue reading

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