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I’m immensely grateful to God for His goodness and graciousness to me.  I’m amazed at His continual blessing in my life!  With ease, I can look at the past few years and see the hand of God working in and through circumstances and there seems to be no end to the wonderful goodness He has extended to us.  I love my job, the family He has provided me with, the incredible church to serve in (with great leaders to learn from), amazing people to invest in and wonderful potential for the future.  To say that I’m content is a dramatic and drastic understatement.

However, there is no greater longing in my heart than the desire to leave this earth and be united with my Savior in heaven.  My soul longs to be done with the struggle against sin.  To no longer worry about failing to live faithfully, to no longer live with regret, to no longer stumble from one sinful thought to the next, to be finished with the battle for holiness and to once and for all be able to fall into my Savior’s arms and experience true, lasting rest – that will be a wonderfully, glorious day!  No other situation causes greater thankfulness in my heart then when I ponder the fact that Christ died, not simply to save me from the penalty of my sin, but more gloriously to purchase me for Himself as His precious bride. My soul longs for that eternal rest and reunion with Him…

However, I’m immensely thankful for temporal reminders of that rest like Beka and I are experiencing this week.  As much as we love our life, it’s very good to get a break once in awhile.  Currently, we’re about halfway through a week in Palm Springs (Beka’s “happy place”) and I’m glad to have some time for rest and relaxation – I’m already feeling recharged and ready to go!  I cannot express how great a blessing it is to be released from our responsibilities for this week away.

My regular schedule doesn’t allow for much reading of my own desire or thinking aside from what has to get done next.  We’ve spent the past four days attending the Resolved Conference and it’s been a wonderfully refreshing time.  It’s been great to hear godly men preach from the Scriptures and to be able to spend some time reflecting on the greatness of God.  I’ve also been able to read several books of my own choosing rather than ones I had to read based on what I was teaching on next and that’s been very enjoyable.  I will try to post a quick recap of the conference sometime this week as there were several highlights worth sharing.

One of the other nice things about getting away is being able to think about the future and to reconsider and evaluate what we’re doing in ministry.  This week has been very affirming of the path we’re on and I’m incredibly excited to get back and begin moving forward again.  All in all, God’s goodness and grace have been clearly seen these past few days and I trust God will use this time for good in the months ahead.  Thanks for being willing to let us go…


About Marshall Walter

Marshall Walter is the College Pastor at Grace Brethren Church in Simi Valley. Married to Beka, the two of them enjoying living life and sharing in ministry together.


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