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The Consuming Question

Often, in my times in my studying to preach, I end up with material that doesn’t make it into my sermon.  It doesn’t get cut because it’s bad (though sometimes it is), but usually because it doesn’t enhance the primary purpose or focus of the passage.  In studying for college group the other night I listened to a great sermon by Pastor Tim Gaydos on Titus 2.  Below are a few thoughts from that passage…

Titus 2 focuses on the grace of God and it’s manifestation in the lives of individuals within the church.  Older men, older women, younger women, younger men and slaves are all addressed in the first ten verses of this chapter. Appropriate conduct for each group is explained before Paul focuses on our motivation for this godly living in verses 11-14.

Interestingly enough, Paul repeats the phrase, ‘so that’, in verses 5, 8, and 10.  This phrase is expresses purpose or the intended result of something.  As he explains the type of conduct these groups are to have, Paul also explains the purpose for that godly behavior.  Paul had no intention of creating a legalistic system of rules for the people of Crete to follow.  Rather, he desired that they would be motivated through the grace of God in their lives to live in a way that would have a specific purpose…that purpose is expressed in verses 5, 8, and 10.

v. 5 – “so that the word of God might not be reviled” (contempt, spoken abusively against)
v. 8 – “so that an opponent may be put to shame, having nothing evil to say about us”
v. 10 – “so that in everything they may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior”

The gospel is the purpose of our godly conduct as believers!  Conduct yourself in a godly manner so that God’s word isn’t looked down upon and spoken of with contempt.  Conduct yourself in a godly manner so that those who are opposed to the gospel have no ability to accuse you of anything evil.  Conduct yourself in a godly manner so that everything you do makes the truth about Christ beautiful.

The way you live your life is either a beautiful testimony to what God has done to save you or it degrades the blood that Christ shed!!  How can you live in a way that puts the gospel on display in a way that is God-honoring, beautiful, attractive and desirable?!

That is the consuming question.


About Marshall Walter

Marshall Walter is the College Pastor at Grace Brethren Church in Simi Valley. Married to Beka, the two of them enjoying living life and sharing in ministry together.


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